About me

Hello hello! I'm snail legs (he/him), and I'm a games art student in the UK. I make comics, and I'm not great with people but! I try my best!!
Art and storytelling are my main interests! But I also enjoy coding a fair bit!
I hope you enjoy your stay here! At time of writing, this site is a huge WIP, but I'm working on it!! I promise!!

This site was made using bootstrap 4, font awesome 5, and particles.js (plus the usual HTML and CSS!)

Neocities Button Collection!

Here is my small collection of buttons for various other neocities sites I like!! Go check em out!


01/12/2020: Added more modals, adjusted the way the button collection is displayed

27/11/2020: added more modals to the gallery! not entirely sure how i wanna format them yet but! progress is being made.

26/11/2020: Added a lil button collection! I should really make a button of my own,, Optimised the images in the gallery a bit more, they should load a bit faster now!! Updated the page not found page!

24/11/2020: Modals go brrrrrr!! Figured out how to make a lightbox, didn't like it! So now I'm making individual modals for each image in the gallery. There's probably a more efficient way to do this with javascript,, but I don't feel like figuring that out right now. Messed with some styling.

23/11/2020: Added a hover effect to the image gallery and the comic covers on the comics and zines page! Looks like I'll need to work on optimising the images for faster loading times,, Started to work with modals for the front page gallery!!

22/11/2020: Started work on the front page gallery! I want to put some modals in there at some point, but other than that I'm fairly happy with it! Also started work on the comics and zines page!!

21/11/2020: Messed about with the CSS, fixed the header!! Also! We have an about page now!!

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